in our hoUSe.....!

in our hoUSe.....!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Surgery Day for Roberta's Cochlear Implant

Massachusetts is cold and rainy, the perfect scenario for sitting and waiting in a dreary waiting room at Mass Eye & Ear Infirmary!  After 14+ hours in the car the last two days with a crying, whimpering dog, this place seems unusually quiet.

We were up at 3:45, out the door at 4:15 only to return after about 2 miles to retrieve forgotten items. Mad race to be here at 5:30 as requested.  Hurry up and wait for an eternity before she's even called in.  Finally we are called in to be with Roberta  in pre-op, saw the nurse, anesthesiologist, surgeon, etc.  They took her at 7:30 and now we wait.  It's only 9:30 now, and I'm already bored and anxious!


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